Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Brother...Ryan.x

I’m so thankful I have a brother
like Ryan to count on.
I know he’ll always be there
with open arms if I need a hug,
and an open mind if I need someone
to understand.
I’m so glad that I can
be myself around him.
He knows my qualities and my faults.
and he loves me just the same.

I’m so proud to have a brother like Ryan...
not just for what he has accomplished,
but for who he is.
I’m so lucky to have him to talk
and laugh with ...
to reminisce and make
new memories with.
I can’t tell you Ryan
how much it means
to have a brother like you.
You’re one of the most important
people in my life.
Thanks for being ...
... a brother like you.

Well through preparing for the wedding today it finally hit me how soon the actual 'Royal Wedding' is occurring and how fast it is approaching us! I have mixed feelings. Im so happy for Ryan that he has finally overcome his fear and settled down ;) Ha just kidding! And he has found a PERFECT wife...who fits in with us (the motley crew) amazingly and I cannot wait to have another sister. But I'm also bummed because due to Ryan jetting off he is also leaving the nest :( And i become an only child....which is my worse nightmare.
My brother and sister are my bestest friends and not having them living with me in this house is sad even though i love Steve and Emma... I guess i just wish we could all live together because we have so much fun. But I know thats not possible so I'm stuck with the oldies ;) No....i love my parents and the special treatment i may receive in being sad and lonely but it wont be the same. Having late night chats with you probably no Emma he is the BEST listener ever.
And whenever we are together I'm always laughing at him and with him!

He always makes me laugh...just the other day in london....( i will set the scene).
Me and Ryan just hopped onto the London underground and i was sitting down whilst Ryan hovered over me and I caught the eye of this random guy peering over this other random girls phone (they did not no each her personal space was just being ruined!!) So i quickly Prodded Ryan..
Jenna: Ryan Ryan LOOK that guy is reading her messages (whilst laughing!)
Ryan: :O Ha. 

2 Seconds later.
Ryan: Jenna, she is probably just on the internet.
Jenna: PAHHHHAHAHA Ryan we are on the underground its impossible to get any signal!!

I guess you had to be there ;)
Well anyway i should probably stop because Ryan has a big enough head already! Well his ears ;)

So bring on Saturday 25th June 2011. I cannot wait and am SOOO excited for Ryan and Emma.
Emma your gonna look BEAUTIFUL and Ryan your gonna look HANDSOME!

So incase you may not realize Ryan....I LOVE YOU...Your the best brother i could have ever asked for!!!!!!!!! xxx

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