Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Brother...Ryan.x

I’m so thankful I have a brother
like Ryan to count on.
I know he’ll always be there
with open arms if I need a hug,
and an open mind if I need someone
to understand.
I’m so glad that I can
be myself around him.
He knows my qualities and my faults.
and he loves me just the same.

I’m so proud to have a brother like Ryan...
not just for what he has accomplished,
but for who he is.
I’m so lucky to have him to talk
and laugh with ...
to reminisce and make
new memories with.
I can’t tell you Ryan
how much it means
to have a brother like you.
You’re one of the most important
people in my life.
Thanks for being ...
... a brother like you.

Well through preparing for the wedding today it finally hit me how soon the actual 'Royal Wedding' is occurring and how fast it is approaching us! I have mixed feelings. Im so happy for Ryan that he has finally overcome his fear and settled down ;) Ha just kidding! And he has found a PERFECT wife...who fits in with us (the motley crew) amazingly and I cannot wait to have another sister. But I'm also bummed because due to Ryan jetting off he is also leaving the nest :( And i become an only child....which is my worse nightmare.
My brother and sister are my bestest friends and not having them living with me in this house is sad even though i love Steve and Emma... I guess i just wish we could all live together because we have so much fun. But I know thats not possible so I'm stuck with the oldies ;) No....i love my parents and the special treatment i may receive in being sad and lonely but it wont be the same. Having late night chats with you probably no Emma he is the BEST listener ever.
And whenever we are together I'm always laughing at him and with him!

He always makes me laugh...just the other day in london....( i will set the scene).
Me and Ryan just hopped onto the London underground and i was sitting down whilst Ryan hovered over me and I caught the eye of this random guy peering over this other random girls phone (they did not no each her personal space was just being ruined!!) So i quickly Prodded Ryan..
Jenna: Ryan Ryan LOOK that guy is reading her messages (whilst laughing!)
Ryan: :O Ha. 

2 Seconds later.
Ryan: Jenna, she is probably just on the internet.
Jenna: PAHHHHAHAHA Ryan we are on the underground its impossible to get any signal!!

I guess you had to be there ;)
Well anyway i should probably stop because Ryan has a big enough head already! Well his ears ;)

So bring on Saturday 25th June 2011. I cannot wait and am SOOO excited for Ryan and Emma.
Emma your gonna look BEAUTIFUL and Ryan your gonna look HANDSOME!

So incase you may not realize Ryan....I LOVE YOU...Your the best brother i could have ever asked for!!!!!!!!! xxx

Monday, 6 June 2011

I Despise Goodbyes!!!!!!!!

You can probably tell by the title of what this post is going to be about but i just feel i need to get my feelings across about how much i Hate....Well hates a strong word so yea it is the perfect word to use in this situation..I HATE goodbyes.

Due to being a Mormon I have had many times where I have had to say goodbye to my brother, cousins, friends leaving to go on missions for 2 years. Which as most of you reading this probably have already come across as well it isn't a nice feeling, apart from bla bla bla yeah I'm happy they are righteous and going on a mission and serving for 2 years it still sucks saying goodbye. And every time you say goodbye there is always someone that says it gets easier the more times you say goodbye to more people the easier it gets.....LIES..ABSOLUTE LIES, i can tell you now! It does not get easier i found it gets harder.
Even now i hardly say goodbye to friends going on missions because they are either on them or home i find it hard saying goodbye if they leave me for a short time...say 2 months!!

I know my mum finds it hard saying goodbye (sorry to embarrass you mother dear) but I remember me and Laura Mateer left for New York for 4 weeks i think and she cried when i left which is understandable but then she cried when i arrived through the gates! Gotta love my mummy <3 I'm sure you dread to think what she was like when me and Ryan left for Thailand for 3 months.... :S

And saying goodbye to our Thai children we taught English too for 5 weeks was heartbreaking..

So you can probably understand now and hopefully people/friends/family realize DON'T you EVER leave me again or make me say goodbye again for a period of time!! Because i don't like it and never will!

But then I do love the Hellos once they have arrived home. I wish ( and if anyones interested please contact me ha!) But to sit at the arrivals gate at an airport and watch jet setters come home and be welcomed by friends or family or lovers and to see their faces and how happy they are to be reunited again! Im smiling just writing about it! Thats my most favourite thing about a long holiday is coming home and walking through them gates, searching every face hoping to recognize one or two and then having and receiving a humongous smile and the biggest hug created! I love it!!

Moments like this.....

So once again....Moral of the story.... please don't ever leave me again because i miss you too much and if you do leave me take me with you so i can walk through the arrivals gate to be welcomed home :D

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lack of sleep creates a very emotional girl..

Monday morning i woke up after a bit of a weird sleep....we had Liane, Steve and Tayla over for the weekend which was LOVELY but for once i kept waking up hearing Tayla crying which caused me to go to work with lack of sleep!
Probably not a good combination as i arrived to work not in the best mood...then i got a bit (well thats an understatement) Very stressed, then i went to the box room to get more bags where a metal shelf holder thing landed on my toe! OUCH!!! So that didn't help! And then my manager asked if i would go fold in Dudes 3 cause there wasn't a queue for the tills, but back to dudes 3, which for all of you non Hollister people it is one of the worst rooms to be in as its clearance clothes and you shoppers don't care what state you leave it in!! So through seeing i wasn't happy about this decision my manager questioned me to why i wasn't bubbly he kept questioning me until he pushed me to the edge of emotion and my eyes started to fill up, which i couldn't understand because i wasn't emotional and there was nothing really to cry about. So after our chat and once we spoke i was wondering (whilst folding clothes) WHY was i crying!! The only explanation i could come to was lack of sleep! So i decided to research to see if my scientific brain was's what i found..

Lack of sleep had another effect on the brain’s circuitry. In the sleep-deprived group, the brain’s emotion center seemed to be more strongly connected to a primitive, impulsive brain region and less connected to a region that normally keeps emotions and behaviors in check.
The researchers say their study demonstrates the dangers of not sleeping enough. Their findings suggest that sleep restores the control of our emotional brain circuits and helps us face the next day’s challenges and social interactions. 

But after folding clothes which was really therapeutic i finally became myself again and the smile shone bright!!! And am very grateful to my manager!
I am a Happy i just need to sleep. 

So the moral of this story people.... GO TO SLEEP!!!!! 


Sunday, 15 May 2011

The start of something new...

So, after seeing everyone creating these new beautiful blogs and posting these amazing posts I'm hoping it will rub off on me! Im hoping I will keep this up to date and it will entertain me more than Facebook because I'm getting kinda bored of that as all i am doing is completely stalking everyone.....this however  is just a cuter way of stalking.....(well i feel it is ha!) 

Hopefully, through starting this my life will become more exciting so you can all enjoy it more and because recently all i do with my life is work and sleep, even though I love sleeping I miss having weekends free and MORE time to play. Don't get me wrong I am LOVING life at the moment and SO happy just trying to keep busy.

I absolutely ADORE make-up and am trying to become a fully qualified make-up artist! Especially after our Relief Society lesson today where we were taught about developing our talents, I have realized I NEED to start working harder so my dream of becoming a celebrity make-up artist will come true and you will all want to be my friend :D

But for now I will stick to being Head Cashier at Hollister Co. That is until my manager gets sick of telling me to dye my hair brown because I'm 'unnatural.' The only good thing I have got from that place is cheaper clothes,  money to spend on the clothes and the BESTEST friends i could have ever asked for. 
(Picture missing my Besties Becca and Trezza ;) )

Even though most of you who are reading this will know who my family are you still need to know who they are and why i love them! I officially have the best family created and will question anyone who disagrees! 

My dad, an absolute legend!

My beautiful mummy, she's AMAZING!

My sister, Miss her beautiful face being at home! Less of a wardrobe! ;)

My Brother-in-law, the best accountant going...and he is hilarious not like those other accountants!

My brother, have the BEST times with the boy....don't really want him to leave home (sorry Emma).

My soon to be Sister-in-law, B.E.A.Utiful!!!!

My niece. I cannot get enough of this little treacle! 
And one more little one on the way :)

And....This is ME.

Welcome to my Life... :D